Our Human Resources

Our Human capital

Our Professionals are highly qualified people and different levels of seniority/ academic degrees (post-degree master, MBA, PhD).

  • Professionals About 15 professionals(with the highest scientific education degrees in Italy)
  • Faculty members with proactive role in the centre They act as scientific mentors for the development of competences inside the centre and scientific guidance in research initiatives
  • University faculty members
  • Visiting researchers
  • Post-graduates students

Our staff

We have staff, made ​​up of professionals dedicated to:

  • Internal staff We have an internal staff, made ​​up of professionals dedicated to:
    • management consulting
    • management training
    • project management
    • software analysis an development
  • External staff Our external staff is a combination of:
    • Specialists with major roles in leading companies
    • Professionals interested in participating in consulting projects

Our Departments

  • ICT
    • Solution design
    • Software development
    • Solution deployment
  • Mechatronic
    • Smart Industrial Automation
  • Motorsport
    • F1 Lap Sim
    • Powertrain Simulations


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