Our unique features

Corporate structure consists of operational professionals (no spleeping partners)

  • MET partners always in the loop with project stakeholders
  • High profile technical knowledge to keep the technical commitment under control
  • Control of resource used and methodologies applied for a real cost-cutting approach

Multidisciplinary R & D environment (Information Technology / Engineering / Electronics)

  • Translation of expertise and experiences between different industrial areas
  • Easy interconnection between plant and business line needs

Constant investments in training (about 15% of the yearly revenues)

  • Certifications (PM, software developers /architects, engineering)
  • Staff training (best practises and workflow automation)

Ongoing relationships with the most authoritative study institutions

  • Universities
  • Study Centres
  • Associations

Presence of hi-tech laboratories for Development / Testing

  • Virtual Machines for multiplatform targets
  • Simulated enterprise environments (ERP and Cloud)
  • Wide availability of data acquisition boards for testing and R&D activities


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