Engineering Consulting

Our consulting engineering services are professional services that provide independent expertise in engineering applied to industrial environment. Our projects are usually carried out by teams that are comprised of a variety of professions and disciplines in addition to engineers and technologists, but the team leader is usually a professional engineer.

Consultancy topics

  • Sensors identification and rig design
  • Vision systems for corrosion and cleaning measurement in Food Industry
  • Liquid-proof data acquisition systems
  • Custom requests on demand

Industrial areas of expertise

We have full expertise in troubleshooting analysis and solutions in the following industrial areas:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Automotive Motorsport Industry

Issues Troubleshooting

Issue troubleshooting is one of our main focus in Engineering Consulting. A combination of multidisciplinary abilities and expertise. We have both of them

  • Complex systems analysis Ability to understand complex systems and their issues
  • Issue Log and Study on the field Ability to organize simple measurements along with custom data logging system to study the issues on the field
  • Fast reaction times Just hours, not weeks or months, to restart machinery with data logging solutions making use of our custom developed headless systems. Ability to move in short time on the field wherever it is located in the world
  • Life and issues history of failed systems Systematic approach to reconstruct the life hystory and the issues history of the failed system
  • Multidisciplinary experience and proper tools Why MET for this matters? Because it has experience and proper tools based on industry standards

Typical case: Issue Solution at Supplier system

You, the Customer, get an issue when you’re on Supplier system

  • No resources available in your Company There are no resources available in your Company to study the issue, share the issue with the Supplier, have the required patient to manage the technical discussion with the Supplier.
  • Our role: study the issue and plan solutions to the Client MET is ideal to study the issue with the Supplier and report to you, the Customer, to organize test sessions to catch the issue eventually using custom designed data acquisition systems by MET itself
  • Cost-saving effort This results in saving lot of money on replacing costly components on failure without the time and resources to study the issue to get a fix (sometime the fix is just an usage procedure...)

MET as technical intermediary

MET involvement role in Client project can range:

  • from purely scientific or technical roles
  • to coordinating or managerial roles


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