Reliability Engineering

Our solution can help you to reduce the frequency of failures, raising thus the quality of your products

Key Points

  • Reliability optimization
    • Save budget
    • Manage warranty time
    • Methods for Lifetime estimation (Weibull)
  • Maintenance Strategies Rethinking Rethinking Maintenance Strategies by advanced methods and tools
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Diagnostic and Prognostic
  • Reduced time to market
    • Accelerated Life Testing

Life estimation of components

  • Very important for performance and costs.
  • Reduce producing parts with excessive reliability Producing parts with excessive reliability is a costly task and sometimes have a negative impact on performance
  • Prevent unforecast machine stop In the industry, knowing how to estimate the life of a component could prevent unforecast machine stop.

Predictive tests

In addition to know the life of components run at use conditions, it is very important to plan the following activities:

  • Component Residual Life used in out-of-specification conditions Estimate the residual life of a component used in out-of-specification conditions (higher temperatures, revs, cold start, vibrations and so on...)
  • Test programs for reliability analysis. Ability to develop specific test programs for reliability analysis which can help the customer on this strategic task

Reliability Tools

  • Tools used
    • Life Data Analysis WEIBULL
    • Accelerated Test ALTA
    • Failure Mode Analysis FMEA
    • Design Of Experiments DOE
  • Points of strength
    • Full-Featured
    • Integrated
    • Corporate tools They can be used as corporate tools, by placing data on the corporate server.
    • Certificated and Industry Standard
      • Talk A Precise Technical Language It’s important to discard customised solutions based on individual productivity tools because, in business point of view they create inefficiency, do not help to talk with just the right language of the reliability engineering, don’t help a shared workflow
      • Users can follow planned training courses
      • Improve efficiency


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