Application Development for the Industry 4.0

With a proven track record in Application Development, MET delivers solutions and services to clients of all sizes and complexity. Employing Agile methodologiy where possible (and appropriate), MET has expertise in a wide range of technologies including:

NI LabVIEW (Industrial Automation)

Our Industrial Automation solutions are built using NI Labview. LV provides multiplatform, multithreading functionalities and a data flow programming to deliver all the features needed in Test Rig, Control Rooms, etc..

  • Development tool with extensive support for interfacing to devices, instruments, cameras, and other devices LabVIEW includes extensive support for interfacing to devices, instruments, cameras, and other devices. Users interface to hardware by either writing direct bus commands (USB, GPIB, Serial) or using high-level, device-specific, drivers that provide native LabVIEW function nodes for controlling the device.
  • Users interface to hardware
    • direct bus commands (USB, GPIB, Serial)
    • high-level, device-specific, drivers
  • Built-in NI hardware support
    • CompactDAQ and CompactRIO, with a large number of device-specific blocks for such hardware
    • Measurement and Automation eXplorer (MAX)
    • Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) toolsets
  • REST and OData web service support
  • Windows and MacOSX support

SAPIU5 / OPENUI5 responsive web applications (UI Development)

Our enterprise-ready web applications are built using OPENUI5/SAPU5 framework, delivering to the corporate user tools that fit the needs of the manufacturing world.

  • Main features
    • Responsive (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
    • Platform Independent, running on almost any browser of your choice (IE, Chrome, Safari)
    • Modern software architecture (MVC / data binding)
    • Well integrated with SAP standard and custom modules
    • Modern UI
    • Integrated with Labview applications (DAQ, Condition Monitoring, Testing)
  • Applications flavours
    • Panel applications for Industrial Automation
    • Modern web applications interfaced with ERP like SAP:
      • Task planners and schedulers
      • Modern data entry
      • Custom Reporting systems

Web Services (Business Logic implementation)

Web Services REST/OData for Enterprise Solutions and Industrial Automation applications for maximum interoperability

  • SAP / ABAP Web Services (through SAP Netweaver Gateway)
  • Java / Oracle Web Services (through Java REST libraries)
  • C# / SQL Server Web Services (through WCF wrappers written in C#)


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