Modernisation & Transformation toward Industry 4.0

TRANSFORMATION of out-of-date legacy applications

Many organisations are still using legacy applications that were first developed in the 1990s and at the beginning of 2000s and these applications are still performing critical functions for those businesses.

Experienced approach to MODERNISATION

In order to modernise your application tools to fit Industry 4.0 needs, we approach the evolution with several different flavours of modernisation. We have analysed precisely what needs to be done to achieve the different types of modernisation and have built software tools and framework to make the transitions as easy as possible

  • re-architect
  • re-interface
  • upgrade
  • re-platform
  • expose and integrate

Our approach

We achieve modernisation projects in the following ways:

  • Block mode applications split into clients and servers
  • Business logic reengineer as WS Business logic isolated, decoupled and exposed as web services written in ABAP, Java or C#
  • Cloud for storage and App Server Data moved in the Cloud, when necessary, for data sharing and analyzing
  • Responsive Web clients Web clients built around solid and enterprise-supported JS libraries
  • AGILE applied AGILE interaction with the client to define particular modernisation needs


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