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Track and manage your business processes with our SAP / Microsoft tools and services. Read more...


Specific solutions for remote testing, diagnostic and prognostic for a step beyond the automation engineering. Read more...


Lap and race simulations. Powertrain. Supported by our long time experience in F1 races and our partners. Read more...


In a world of constantly changing needs, today’s consultancy in industrial and motorsport fields is tomorrow’s old news. 

But by having skilled consultant all over the world, we are able to listen to our customers, offering them reliable solutions that are easily adaptable to new developments – without causing expensive downtime.

Professionals with high seniorities and junior consultants skilled by our internal MET University Program or certified by proven certification programs (National Instrument, Microsoft, SAP) will help your company to improve business performances and reduce troubleshootings. 


Our focus is to keep things lean, profitable and sustainable.

Our leading solutions, our value-added service secures both our customers & us with a sustainable business in the global environment.

Thanks to our high seniority, we can help our Clients to solve problems, even the most severe, and providing custom but industry-standard based solutions.

With no doubts, no compromises, just always keeping up with cutting edge technologies and methodologies, never giving up the better way.


To offer the customer the highest level of service and the best technical support/management, our corporate team is always TECHNICALLY involved in contracts where they play the role of project or program manager.

This ensures the best possible communication with the stakeholders and the timing of the project always adequate with the client's wishes (even in the stage of the redefinition of specifications).

The Gantt chart project (and hence its work in progress) is always shared in real time with the client through the portal https://projects.met.it

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