Our mission: TRANSFORMATION toward a SOFT Industrial MODERNISATION

The Client Challenge

  • Constant changes in the modern business world In a world of constantly changing needs, today’s solutions and consultancy in industrial field is tomorrow’s old news.
  • Legacy solutions out-of-date Many organisations are still using legacy solutions that were first developed in the 1990s and at the beginning of 2000s, and these applications are still performing critical functions for those businesses.
  • Tightly-coupled set of apps hard to maintain and evolve In tightly-coupled apps new features are hard to implement and this situation doesn’t help your efforts to improve efficiency of internal and external processes and stay in pace with competitors
  • Low level of automation (both in plant and business line)
  • Low level of data integration
  • Industry 4.0 new opportunities

Our Value Proposition

  • Smart Plant Automation Industry Automation applications can reduce dramatically your costs through automatic data acquisition, test and data analysis, with the minimum involvement of the human being
  • Plant / Business Line interoperability We provide strong integration of Industry Automation solutions with business platforms like ERPs with lightweight web services based on REST - OData for maximum interoperability, boosting your time to market and product quality
  • Corporate Data Integration and Optimisation We can help our Clients to migrate to a well balanced master slave database system to handle all the data in the Plant domain, integrated with cloud resources for easier and secure data sharing with Business Units, Clients and Suppliers
  • Revamp of out-of-date applications Revamp goal is to move your out-of-date applications to a modern architecture, easily adaptable to new developments – without causing expensive downtime
  • Engineering Consulting With long time experience in plant process management and analysis we provide services to SPEED-UP PROBLEM SOLVING and SAVING MAINTENANCE COSTS through a Support activity to implement our specialities in the company culture as purely scientific or technical roles or coordinating or managerial roles.
  • Troubleshooting analysis and problem solving

Benefits for Our Client

  • Advanced tools for R&D, Test and Production activities
    • Big Data Acquisition and Storage
    • In-Depth Analysis, Reporting and Sharing
  • Advanced tools for tasks planning and resource allocations using GANTT chart visual capabilities
  • Significant COSTS SAVING on R&D, Test and Production activities
    • Fast loops at the early stages of projects
    • Automated, Unattended and Remote Testing Minimum involvement of operators for pure manual and ripetitive actions. Significant increase of the number of tests carried out
    • Life estimation of components
    • Faster Workflow Routing (throughout the whole supply and customer chain)
  • I4.0 incentives in Italy The 2017 Budget Law allows a tax benefit on the purchase of certain assets under the terms of Industry 4.0. Our solutions comply with these benefits, giving you an extra saving of 36.000EU every 100.000EU worth of investment for HYPER-DEPRECIATION or 12.000EU every 100.000EU worth of investment for SUPER-DEPRECIATION


Market sectors involved

We have full expertise and decades of presence in the following industrial areas

  • Food and Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Utilities / Oil & Gas
  • Engineering, Procurement & Constructions
  • Hydraulics
  • Automotive
  • Motorsport

Solutions by appl. area

  • Remote and Automated Testing High performance reconfigurable IO embedded systems - Complete systems for Test Rigs - Solutions for Remote Testing
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Machine Control
  • Project Management / Resource Planning
  • Technical Data Cloud and Document Management

Our Plug-in Architecture

Client customisable interface, application features composed at runtime using our general purpose or client specific plug-ins

  • Customisable modern UI
    • LabView applications for Window and MacOS X
    • SAP UI5 / OPEN UI5 for responsive web applications For remote positions and vertical solutions with a modern UI
  • Connected Enterprise and SOA using REST and oData web services Our I4.0 solutions can be interconnected (even remotely) to all the main ERPs and Vertical Business Applications
    • Structured informations: SQLServer / Oracle / MySQL
    • ERP: SAP MM / PM / PP / PS / APO
    • Unstructured informations (MongoDB)
    • EIM Systems

Our Uniqueness: Managers Technically Involved, Up-To-Date Professionals, AGILE, PRINCE2

PM Technically Involved

  • Managers always in the loop To offer the customer the highest level of service and the best technical support and management, our corporate team is always TECHNICALLY involved in contracts where they play the role of project or program manager.
  • PRINCE2 applied We are able to apply PRINCE2 methodology to manage Client projects.
    • Lightweight tailored version for single or small Client projects.
    • Specific tailored versions to comply Client organisation and governance
    • Automated PRINCE2 reporting system Our PM system relies on an automated PRINCE2 reporting system in order to make PM bureaucracy easy.
    • Integrated seamlessly with AGILE To achieve the outcomes and benefits expected by our Client
  • AGILE Applied We apply AGILE methodology to analysis, development, testing and deployment stages. Using the AGILE methodology, it ensures:
    • the best possible communication with the stakeholders
    • the timing of the project always adequate with the client's wishes (even in the stage of the redefinition of specifications)
    • a Gantt chart and Agile Board shared with and always available to the stakeholders

Tech Team Up-To-Date

Our team will help your company to improve business performances and reduce troubleshooting. We rely on:

  • Professionals with high seniorities and proven certifications
  • Juniors trained by our internal training classes or proven certifications


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