Condition Monitoring

Our CM solution

  • Condition Monitoring and InsightCM We’re developing a state of the art Condition Monitoring system in cooperation with National Instruments called InsightCM
  • Client server CM infrastructure InsightCM consists in a server and remote data loggers based on CompactRIO Real Time and FPGA platforms
    • CM server with web interface The server has a Thin Client web interface and allows to:
      • Operate the data loggers
      • Send commands
      • Start and stop plants
      • Deploy new firmwares
      • Configure new sensors
      • Send pre-triggered data
  • Thin Client web application Data can be viewed and analysed remotely by a Thin Client web interface
  • CompactRIOs located everywhere CompactRIOs can be placed geographically and are connected to the server with a secure link

Custom firmwares development

MET develops custom firmwares to solve any condition monitoring task.



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