Plant / Business Line interconnection and integration

We offer Plant / Business Line interconnection and integration through MES features implemented in ABAP / JAVA / C# and exposed as REST services.

Real time information in the factory systems

  • Many companies in Italy do not realise that they are already 4.0 efficient and that they are already using 4.0 machines
  • Industry 4.0 means interconnected factories: machines that communicate with each other and with the factory system as a whole
  • Within the factory macro-system, each one, for its own specific function, can generate and share data in real time and all of them can access this information to derive from it the utmost benefits in their respective areas

Interoperation of our solutions with SAP modules (through SAP Netweaver Gateway)

We offer fully interoperability with plant management modules of SAP Business Suite through SAP Netweaver Gateway and ABAP Function Modules. The modules involved are usually the followings

  • MM - Materials Management
  • PM - Plant Maintenance
  • PP - Production Planning
  • PS - Project Systems
  • APO - Advanced Planning & Optimization
  • Custom implementations (such as Inspection Management or MES - Manufacturing Execution System - functionalities)

Our modern and role-based user applications: SAP Fiori and SAP UI5

Our SAP Fiori and custom UI5 applications interact with ours (or other’s) Smart Industrial Automation modules as web applications on front user side. They act as stand alone web applications or part of the Fiori role-based dashboard

  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) custom solutions for Oil & Gas
  • Web GANTT Planners for SAP
    • Implementation
      • ABAP functions exposed as REST / OData web service via SAP Netweaver Gateway
      • SAPUI5 / OPENUI5 hosted by Java web container, IIS or SAP Fiori


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