Technical Data Cloud

TDC is our implementation, from a mechatronics point of view and industrial needs, of solution for the plant regarding data repository and analysis in the Cloud

TDC Features

  • Test data sharing with the Cloud
  • Customer and Engineers in the loop
  • Reciprocal knowledge about Systems Under Test improved
  • Problem solving speedup Speedup the problem solving through quickly agreed spotted-on activities and experiments

TDC Benefits

  • Unique repository Experimental or process data generated by machines or test rigs located in different sites are collected in a unique repository, the Technical Data Cloud (TDC)
  • High data availability and safety Cloud service is very safe an reliable, always available (no server down issues, no unauthorized access, no data losses, no need to do backups)
  • Automatic data analysis and Machine Condition Monitoring Cloud storage is the ideal environment to perform automatic data analysis and Machine Condition Monitoring using state of the art software tools. Cloud storage is the ideal environment to manage automatic alarms on test rigs.
  • Remote access and monitoring RA & M allows a distance-options for Customers to follow running tests or processes from the Customer’s Office and in mobility
  • Cost saving for data storage and analysis using Cloud services

TDC Infrastructure we use

Our TDC solutions take advantage of the flexibility of mature, enterprise ready services in the Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Private WebDAV


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