Testing and Automation

Our value proposition

  • High performance reconfigurable I/O embedded systems
    • Programmed with high level language
    • Loadable with sophisticated algorithm
    • High Connectivity to the automation application
  • Complete systems for Test Rigs
    • Development at hardware and software level
    • Full featured automation
    • Advanced data-logging
  • Solutions for Remote Testing
    • Development at hardware and software level
    • Data sharing provided through modern technologies
  • System integration System integration provided for best resources usage
  • Simulated environments Simulation environments for machines including simulated hardware of non available units

Headless systems controlled remotely

  • Test Rig solutions based on headless system
  • Full featured Control Systems
    • Data acquisition
    • Data analysis
    • File copy to the corporate servers
  • Test Controls in realtime TA allows the engineers on the test control in realtime

Wireless Data Logger for Industrial Applications

  • The smallest possible wireless data logger
    • Battery powered
    • 3-axis accelerometer on board
    • 3 channel strain gauges on board
  • Accurate recordings on packaging industrial machines When installed on a packaging industrial machine, the 3-axis accelerometer allows accurate recordings of the real motion law and the strain gauges measures the stresses of the unit under test

Vision Applications for Lab Analysis

We’ve the experience and skills to develop vision systems allowing in-depth and accurate quantitative analysis in Industrial Processes

  • Accurate quantitative analysis on sample surfaces
  • Metal corrosion or surface cleaning prevention A typical case in the food and beverage industry is to monitor or compare different solutions to avoid metal corrosion or surface cleaning. In the picture is shown how to individual detect all corrosion spots and to measure its area. A statistical analysis carried on this population returns quantitative indicator of the process or phenomena. 

Modern applications

  • Windows applications (for control post in the testing room)
  • Web applications (for remote positions)
    • Available everywhere
    • Responsive (desktop, tablet, smartphones)
    • No applications installed on PC Rig controls performed with no application installed on PC


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