Tutte le nostre certificazioni: CLA - Certified LabVIEW Architect / Machine Learning - Stanford U. / Fluid Power - U. of Minnesota / SQL For Data Science - University of California, Davis / Elements and Buildings AI - University of Helsinki / Foundations of Objective-C App Development - UCLA, Irvine

Labview CLA / CLD - NI

Abbiamo conseguito il grado di CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect) per lo sviluppo di software con LabVIEW di National Instruments. Prima certificazione nel 2014, rinnovata nel 2019.

A CLA demonstrates mastery in analyzing and interpreting customer requirements for the development of scalable application architectures in LabVIEW, organized in a modular project hierarchy with the intent to be fully developed later by a multi-developer team. The architecture meets the requirements using a software simulation with interfaces to abstracted hardware modules. To ensure successful integration, the Architect enables completion by a developer team with modules designed with consistent, well defined interfaces, data structures, module design patterns, messaging, and documented developer instructions with specific design requirements. The CLA is a professional with an approximate cumulative experience of 24 months in developing medium-to-large applications in LabVIEW.

Machine Learning - Stanford University

Fluid Power - University of Minnesota

SQL For Data Science - University of California, Davis

Certificazione Progettazione Software Arduino

Abbiamo conseguito la certificazione Arduino Fundamentals per lo sviluppo di applicazioni con le schede a microcontrollore dell'ecosistema di Arduino.

The Arduino Certification Program (ACP) is an Arduino initiative to officially certify users at different levels and confirm their expertise in key areas. Arduino Fundamentals, is the first release of the ACP as official recognition of the skills.


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