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Crafting of state-of-the-art solutions for the Advanced Manufacturing.

We help Customers to improve the efficiency of Industrial Processes by carrying out HW and SW projects using the most up-to-date methodologies

Advanced Manufacturing: providing best Solution to Client with their business problem

Modern & Smart design

We are up to date and connected with the best professionals in the solutions we deal with. We use Internal Research and Simulation Laboratories to certify the Solutions

Certified personnel

Our staff has certifications in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in the Industrial Field and in Software Engineering.

Benefits from innovative solutions! Improve your Industrial Processes

Benefits from innovative solutions! Improve your Industrial Processes

We provide Consulting Services in Automation and System Integration, helping companies to reach their highest level. We optimize Industrial Processes, making them achievable, sustainable and more efficient.

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We provide a wide range of Solutions and Services for the Modern Factory.

Desktop app development

Design and development of complete Industrial Automation and System Integration solutions for OS Windows, Mac and Linux

Mobile app development

Applications for mobile devices for measurement and control of industrial systems on remote with warning notifications

Industrial Controller Devices

Applications for industrial process control, data collection, unit testing and system reliability

Microcontroller devices

Control and measurement using microcontrollers for specific purposes when an off-the-shelf solution is not available

Engineering Consulting

Multidisciplinary engineering available to the customer for the setting and development of his projects

Data analysis

Data analysis of industrial production measurements to improve design, performance, reliability and reduce costs

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Production planning: a necessity for the digital transformation of the factory

Production planning: a necessity for the digital transformation of the factory

Activity planning is an important aspect in all areas, both corporate and personal.

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Car Simulation

Car Simulation

Ascari Vehicle Dynamic Simulator is a simplified, vehicle simulation library that estimates a vehicle’s performance on a given racetrack, gives you accurate and useful results quickly designed to be incorporated in Industrial Projects (vehicle module for test rig).

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Connect your legacy machines

Connect your legacy machines

We have tackled the retrofitting project to connect the previous generation machines to the company database in order to collect the operating status day by day.

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