Car Simulation

Car Simulation

Maurizio Bollini September 22, 2021
Car Simulation

Ascari Vehicle Dynamic Simulator is a simplified, vehicle simulation library that estimates a vehicle’s performance on a given racetrack, gives you accurate and useful results quickly designed to be incorporated in Industrial Projects (vehicle module for test rig).

This Vehicle Lap Simulator was written and developed on the basis of our decades of experience in motorsport.

We have used it for numerous Formula-1 and Formula-E projects as well as our pre-race technical analyzes.

We can rewrite it in modern programming languages and in particular it is available in LabVIEW to be able to insert it in industrial projects, being executable on National Instruments Real Time targets, in particular CompactRIO devices.

The program simulates the maximum performance (acceleration and speed) of the vehicle along the circuit, calculating the fastest lap time and the highest lap speed profile the car achieves.

This simulator finds the following possible applications:

  • Embedded in a PC desktop application (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Incorporated into an industrial component test bench control system (Real Time devices)
  • Service of a web application
  • As solver-module of a mobile application

To design the Laptime Simulator library, our engineers reduced the vehicle to its most fundamental components. Its model is very powerful at analyzing the global performance trends of a vehicle without having to capture or model more detailed effects.

Laptime Simulator is developed by our Motosport Department with decades of experience.

Available in different programming languages to be incorporated in customer projects.

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