Our Solutions

Galileo - Test System

A truly modular, scalable, maintenable and parametrisable solution for automatic end-of-line production and research testing

Galileo - Mobile Dashboard

Monitor and control geographically distributed industrial production and research plants with a custom-designed app

Galileo - Anomaly Detection

AI identify anomalies in research and production by analyzing the data collected daily on corporate data storage

Galileo - Condition Monitor

Condition Monitoring for large systems with rotating shafts based on geographically connected remote real-time devices

Galileo - Innovative Planner

GANTT & Resource Chart and Production Calendar connected with line machinery. Data hosted by the company db, integration with ERP, MRP and MES

Galileo - Data Analyst

Analyze data and simplify repetitive processes using standard calculation system by storing the analyzes on the company database

Galileo - Machine Vision

Vision systems for process control and recipe calibration in industrial processes. Optimise processes for throughput reducing waste with the electronic eye

Galileo - Retrofitting

Retrofit solution for legacy industrial machines and plants with full connectivity. Connect legacy machines as the most modern

Galileo - PlantBot

Conversational interface to Galileo Solutions. Production data searchable via MS Teams and Slack (and other chat platforms)

Ascari - Vehicle Dynamic Simulator

Vehicle Dynamic Simulator module that can be inserted into any existing industrial application (test rig or desktop application) or into new projects in any computer language


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