Galileo Innovative Planner

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Innovative planner

  • Production planning, research and development, pre / post sales and ICT
  • Traditional functions of a PM (GANTT Chart, Resource Chart, Agendas)

UNIQUE FEATURES for production planning

Innovative Planner
  • Classification of activities (for analysis on classified historical data - Reporting and Machine Learning)
  • Connection with production plants (via MQTT) (as a standalone tool for real-time monitoring of production or integrated with a third-party CPS system)
  • Integration with ERP / MRP / MES via web service (eg SAP PP and SAP PM)
  • Involvement of multi-departmental activities (eg Procurement, Production, R&D, ICT)
  • Link between activities of different projects / processes / orders (e.g. single goods receipt on which the start of activity of different production orders depends)
  • Data stored on enterprise database and integrated into the company information system (available in enterprise reporting tools
  • Authentication on corporate AD / LDAP
  • Regulated access from participation in project team and role


  • No configuration activities are required (the auto system learns from experience, except for system operations)
  • Total flexibility in the configuration and modification of the plan during construction
  • Graphic planning via GANTT, Resource Chart or Agenda, governed by Company Calendars
  • Resource agendas always updated
  • Complete tracking of all activities (delegated to the operator or automatically generated by the ERP and MQTT connectors)
  • Operational support by displaying the Best Practices to the operator
  • Historical data optimized for Reporting and Machine Learning
  • What If scenarios


  • Generation of production plans / business plans with one click
  • Re-use of historical plans as templates for new plans
  • Rescheduling of activities in drag & drop mode (in GANTT or Resource Chart)
  • Representation of milestones at a glance
  • Activity notifications via email (upcoming activities, delays, milestones, etc.)
  • Tracking of the workflow (final balance of works / assignments / approvals)
  • Documentation filing
  • Graphical representation of the progress (EVM)
  • Calculation and graphical representation of KPIs.

Main features of the product

Innovative Planner allows the planning and control of industrial processes taking into account company calendars and resources. It is fully integrated with the Company Information System (MRP - ERP / MES / CPS - User Authentication). Innovative Planner supports desktop and mobile users for flexible choice of use (in the office / smart working / production line / on the go)


** Innovative Planner** consists of a server application and a responsive web application. Management is centralized on the server. Each user can access the application via desktop or mobile. The result is a robust environment that facilitates collaborative process management.

  • All the necessary departments are involved (Production, Research and Development, Procurement, Pre / Post Sales, ICT)
  • Activities and entire “projects” can be monitored and reprogrammed via visual graphs (by budget / cost and duration)
  • Notifications (upcoming activities, delays, etc.) are promptly sent automatically by e-mail to the selected recipients


Each final balance can be recorded in the Worksheet, updating the actual costs and the percentage of completion.

  • Automatically, when connected to the production line via MQTT or to the management tool via web service
  • Manually, by operators wherever they are (in the office, on the production line, in the field


Innovative Planner uses the company database to store planning and final accounting information, thus enriching the company’s assets.

  • The data is saved in a dedicated database of the company server.
  • Corporate reporting systems can be used to create analysis reports by integrating data from other management sources
  • Historical data are ready to be processed by Machine Learning algorithms to automatically optimize Times and Costs

The user is authenticated using AD or LDAP to comply with the company’s security policies.


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